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Fdshows with its advanced experience in image processing brings you utilities that can be used in daily life for Free.
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photo Colorist

convert your old black and white photos into Color through Photo Colorist , it uses proven colorization techniques.


Convert you Photos into Skech effect for fun and decorating your house Photo Mask.

photo mask

Create wonderful back grounds for your photos using this Free Tool None of these softwares require costly image editing applications.

Film Colorization Software

Filmcolorist is a colorization/colorization software for adding new life to old or black and white Movies or Videos. Filmcolorist uses Latest technologies in image processing to attain quality results in less amount of processing time. Some of the best features in Filmcolorist

  • Supports Large Image & Multimedia formats and Log sequences including Cineon files.
  • Selective Colorization.
  • Multithreading architecture (enables parallel rendering of Multiple Frames at a time).
  • Advanced Motion Tracking .
  • Advanced Segmentation Support.
  • Extensive Color Palette.
  • Huge Range of special Effects support.
  • Image sequence and Video Colorization.
  • 2k and 4k Resolution support.
  • Flexible licensing model to suit all kinds of resolutions and market needs.
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